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Congratulations! Tex Year Passed China Environment labeling Certification

Tex Year Fine Chemical (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd was awarded with China Environment labeling Certificate on June 25th, 2013. The certified products include spine glue and side glue for bookbinding. Tex Year actively reacts to the “green printing” policy promoted by both GAPP and National Environment Protection Ministry. In the future, we believe more products will join the Green Plan.
The overlapped ten circles, alone with the sun, mountain and river inside them form the logo for China Environment labeling Certificate. It indicates to unite the whole society to protect human beings’ living environment.

This logo should be marked on the certified product or its packaging, indicating a high quality, low energy consumption and eco-friendly property.
The certification range of China Environment Labeling covering furniture, construction materials (water/solvent based coating, wood floor, adhesive, wallpaper, ceramic, door/window, cement, concrete), household appliances (refrigerator, TV, washing machine, air condition, energy saving light), daily items, fabric, automobile, office appliances (computer, duplicator, fax machine), printing ink, solar energy etc.   

China Environmental United Certification Center Co., Ltd is the only agency authorized to issue China Environment labeling Certificate. It has signed a contract with other environment protection associations to make sure all certifications conducted by them have equal effect. China Environment labeling Certificate has joined GEN and GED to fight for international environment protection.
In 2006, national environment protection ministry and national finance ministry have published a document requiring government authorities to purchase products with “Ten Circles Mark”. The state council also emphasized the same policy in recent years.