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Tex Year Products


大航海时代4东南亚村子 Tex Year - an Enterprise with Sustainable Business Development

Founded in 1976, Tex Year has continuously followed the universal laws of pursuing balanced development. We value the independent development of human nature and take "Bonding with Dedicated People, Social Gluing the Corporations with Integrity, and Creating Happiness" as our corporate vision.
Starting out the business with "adhesives", Tex Year has been committed to the entire chain of business operations including voluntary research & development, manufacturing processes, and marketing eco-friendly Tex Year® hot melt adhesives and 3 SECONDS?super glue. Moreover, 3 SECONDS® super glue has been synonymously used to refer to all the instant glues and is known to the general public in Taiwan. As of today, Tex Year has stood its ground in the domestic eco-friendly & high-performance adhesive market with a vision to expand its business to overseas markets while becoming a leading domestic manufacturer in producing eco-friendly & high-performance adhesive in Taiwan. In recent years, we have extended our business to cover medical sterilization equipments. With our branch offices distributed in Taiwan, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, and Poland, Tex Year is committed to transforming into a cross-disciplinary globalized enterprise that provides all customers with eco-friendly, reassuring, and innovative products and service quality.

Creating Value & Happiness Together

Tex Year puts great emphasis on entrepreneurship, with particular emphasis on cultivating outstanding personnel. Based on business integrity and self-management orientation, each Tex Year partner is welcome to invest in the corporate or internal business for which dividends and bonuses will be issued back as a reward. In the future, we are committed to fostering an entrepreneurship group to pass down our successful experience and expand our business diversification. Whether it is adhesives, specialty chemicals, filtration materials, or medical sterilization equipment, Tex Year will provide all customers with the best services in an attempt to share, grow, and become successful with our customers.
Creating happiness and convenience for daily life is Tex Year's commitment in the pursuit of innovative technology and sustainable development.

  • Vision

    Bonding with dedicated people
    Social Gluing corporations with integrity
    Creating happiness

  • Mission

    Targeting:Focusing on a niche market and creating customer value.
    Eco-friendly:Combining environmental protection, safety, and efficiency to create brand value.
    X:Using innovative technology to bring convenience to daily life.
    YEAR:Sustainable business development.

  • Core Value

    Environmental Protection, Reassurance, Innovation
    Environmental Protection:Implementing social care and promoting environmental protection.
    Reassurance:Exhibiting international certification and a green supply chain.
    Innovation:Creating customer value and technical services with innovation.

  • Company Profile

    Date of Founding:June 28, 1976
    Capital:NTD 885,767,090
    Listed Company Number:TWSE 4720


In the pursuit of balanced development,

Tex Year is committed to striving for a balance in
the interests between shareholders and staff members,
between long-term benefit and short-term benefit,
between our company and interactive firms,
and between business and social welfare,
laying a solid foundation for sustainable business
development that goes on and on without end.


ISO 14001:2004  環境管理系統
OHSAS 18001:2007 職業安全衛生管理系統
ISO 13485 醫療設備品質系統認證
十環 中國環境標誌產品認證